Why Missoula BarCamp

Why is there a Missoula BarCamp and why would anyone want to come?

Missoula BarCamp is a cross between a school, a think tank, a party, a business incubator, and a mystery box. It is hard to describe the magic - it is much easier to experience the power that is available when all of our collective genius is allowed to naturally unfold, where you can walk into the room and quickly feel your way to what you need, or what you need to give.


Missoula BarCamp is inviting three primary communities to come to the party and play with us.

Are you a singer, writer, dancer, poet, author, designer, or artist?

Are you a change agent, with a non-profit, wanting to making a difference or save the planet?

Are you a technologist, programmer, web developer?

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