Why Missoula BarCamp? - For Artists


What do you want Missoula to be?

What do you want to create, in, for, with, and about Missoula?

As an artist, chances are you just want to do your art, and be able to do it more often. What would be possible if you explored how your art could help the many non-profits in town, or breathe some life into the efforts of the many that just want to make a difference, save the planet, prevent drunk driving, or just do a great job for their customers? What would be possible if you had the best tools at your fingertips? And could there be a gig brewing for you in the connections you might make?

BarCamp puts you in charge of what you get to create because you create the agenda.

Or are you a change agent, with a non-profit, wanting to making a difference or save the planet?

Or are you a technologist, programmer, web developer?

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