Why Missoula BarCamp? - For Change Agents


Where do you want Missoula to go?

Are you passionate about a non-profit? Would you like to save the planet, the environment, and wish you could get more people to help? Or would you just like to make more of a difference - for your family, your customers, or you community?

BarCamp uses a fantastic meeting format born out of the best in "change management" which puts everyone in charge of their engagement. You will have the power to speak about and listen to the things that matter most. And so will everyone else. Empowered people have a lot easier time getting engaged, and finding their voice, and getting involved. And maybe some of those techie folks over there can give a hand with your websites, or your social engagement on FaceBook or something. And some art, dance, poetry, and song couldn't hurt getting people to your change party?

Or are you a singer, writer, dancer, poet, author, designer, or artist?

Or are you a technologist, programmer, web developer, or scientist?

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