Why Missoula BarCamp? - For Technologists


How do you want to get there?

Do you love technology? Do you love to program, or script, or code, or just geek out in general? Do you find that those who really love technology like you do might not speak the same language as you do?

Missoula BarCamp came out of the technology world after Harold Shinsato learned about FooCamp - founded by the esteemed tech guru and computer book publisher Tim O'Reilly, who just got 250 of the best and brightest, and let them create their own conference from scratch - a blank grid of times and locations which the participants, not Tim O'Reilly, filled with the topics, questions, and games that they cared about the most. But FooCamp was by invitation only, so the people who wanted the same experience started BarCamp, which has been copied and repeated all over the world on many many topics.

Could it be that you might find others that speak the same tech language, or find a business partner or potential employer or employee? And maybe all the artists that come might help put the right touch to your website, or add some good writing, photography, or help add that necessary design element to whatever you're building? And maybe there are some opportunities to get some credibility by doing stuff that people care about - and maybe stuff you care about too - to make Missoula a better place?

Or are you a singer, writer, dancer, poet, author, designer, or artist?

Or are you an advocate for change at a non-profit, for a customer, or in your community?

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